Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Freshman Academy Chromebooks

It didn't take long for the Freshman Academy teachers to make use of the new Chromebooks. Both Mr. Pais and Ms. Mattera took adavtantage of the new technology as soon as it was available. The two carts, which house 43 Chromebooks, will certainly help staff include technology in their lessons as well as in using Blended Learning.

Mr. Pais engaged his students with an assignment that required them to use the newly arrived Chromebooks to conduct research on the Election of 1860. The students researched one of candidates in the Election of 1860 as a means of creating a campaign poster along with a 100 word description as to why they would be the ideal candidate for President in 1860. The lesson not only integrated the use of technology but also came with "clear criteria" for success in the form of a rubric that was provided to every student at the start of the project.

Ms. Mattera meanwhile, had her students access an interactive activity at history.com. The section, entitled Civil War 150, commemorates the 150th anniversary of the Civil War. Students can explore 150 Civil War topics. Click here to check out the site.

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